Milford Youth Wrestling is a non-profit youth athletic organization run by volunteer members based in Milford Massachusetts. MYW promotes a strong team atmosphere.

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10 Push-Ups
Hands shoulder width apart.

10 Sit-Ups
With legs bent.

Max Pull-Ups
As many as you can do.  Wrestling is a pulling sport, not pushing.

10 Push-Ups
Hands very wide.

10 Supermans
Lie on your stomach with arms and legs straight out.  Long body, raise your arms and legs off the floor so you balance on your stomach.  Hold for 5 seconds.

10 Bicycle Sit-Ups
Lie on your back, fingers locked behind your head.  Touch your right elbow to your left knee, then your left elbow to your right knee.  Alternate sides.

100 Hand Squeezes
Both right and left hands (200 total).  Use a spring gripper.  Wrestlers need good grip strength.