Milford Youth Wrestling is a non-profit youth athletic organization run by volunteer members based in Milford Massachusetts. MYW promotes a strong team atmosphere.

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Wrestling has 3 primary positions:

  1. Neutral Position (standing)
  2. Top Referee Position (on mat)
  3. Bottom Referee Position (on mat)


Match Structure
Matches are divided into three one minute periods
Each match begins in the center of the mat or designated area
Each match has a referee who awards points
The 1st period begins in the neutral position with wrestlers shaking hands & facing each other
In the 2nd period, a wrestler is given the choice of top, bottom or neutral position
In the 3rd period, the other wrestler is given the same choice
The wrestler with the most points at the conclusion of a match is the winner
Pinning your opponent ends a match
Wrestlers shake hands at the conclusion of a match


Neutral Position – take down opponent
Top Referee Position – ride opponent and use scoring holds
Bottom Referee Position – escape from or reverse opponent


Takedown from the neutral position – 2 points
Reversal from bottom referee position – 2 points
Escape from bottom referee position – 1 point
Back exposure (1-2 count) – 2 points
Back exposure (over 5 count) – 3 points
Illegal holds cost you a point
Stalling costs you a point
Pinning your opponent ends the match


Key Terms
Changing Levels - lowering or raising your body by bending your legs from the neutral position
Set-ups - hand moves used to set an opponent up for a takedown attempt
Shooting or shot - attempting a takedown or leg attack from the neutral position
Penetrate - taking a deep shot or attack on an opponent’s legs while attempting a takedown    
Sprawl - a defensive move from the neutral position - throwing legs back with hands in front
Escape - wrestler escapes from the bottom referee position to the neutral position 
Reversal - wrestler in the bottom position reverses his opponent to the top referee position 
Counter - using a specific move to counter a move being used by an opponent
Get your base - refers to a wrestler establishing a strong base in the bottom referee position